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New to target shooting and no FAC?

If you are new to shooting and you are thinking about starting at NMRPC you will need to send an e-mail expressing your wishes. You cannot just walk in off the street and expect to start shooting, as this is against current Firearms Legislation. All new members of the club can expect to serve a provisional period before becoming a full member of the club. A provisional member will be taught and in the presence of their 'sponsor' at all times. 'Sponsors' are always full members of NMRPC. Provisional members without an FAC (Firearms Certificate) cannot hold a firearm or ammunition outside the bounds of the club. Someone wishing to join the club will need to fill in a membership application form which needs to be witnessed by a "Suitably Qualified Person" that you are fit to handle firearms. 


Existing FAC holders

If you currently hold an FAC but you are not a member of a shooting club, you will need to follow the same procedure as someone new to shooting, but the committee reserve the right to shorten the provisional period.

Firearms Act 1968 Note. 
'It is an offence under Section 21 of the Firearms Act 1968 for a prohibited person to have firearms or ammunition in his/her possession at any time. This applies to anyone who has been sentenced to imprisonment or youth custody or detention in a young offender institution for three months or more. If the sentence was for three years or more the ban is for life. For less than three years the ban is for five years from the date of release from custody.'


Moving from another target shooting club. 

If you are an existing, active, member of another target shooting club it is normal that you only need to provide a letter from the secretary of your current club to the secretary of NMRPC, who will discuss membership with the NMRPC committee. When attending a specific range, formally introducing yourself to the Range Captain or Range Conducting Officer (RCO) would be applicable, as would making yourself known to members of NMRPC before entering the club to shoot. Please e-mail your request for membership,as above, in the first instance.

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